Neutral day to day makeup look for beginners!

Hey guys!

I'm back and with another makeup tutorial as I really like thinking up ideas for you guys and creating lots of different looks for you all to try out. Today I thought I would create quite a neutral look for beginners who don't want to wear a lot of makeup on a day to day basis and can't afford to buy lots of high end products all the time. To create this look I used all drugstore makeup brands except for the lip gloss. I featured this look around the makeup revolution redemption iconic 3 palette. I hope you enjoy!

I started off with my eye makeup so I could wipe off any excess product around my eyes before doing my face makeup. This palette was quite pink based so I decided to do a rose gold eye. To start with I used the real techniques base shadow brush in my crease with a matte brown shade which was the 7th shade along. This was used as my transition shade. Then I used my seventeen eyeshadow brush and chose a shimmery rose gold shade which was the 5th shade along and popped it all over my lid. To lighten up the inner corners but still keep with the rose gold theme i popped the 2nd shade along on the inner half of my lid and blended it out. To make sure everything was properly blended, I grabbed 2 shades which were in between the transition shade and the lid shade (3rd and 4th shades) and popped in between my crease and lid. To finish off I used my makeup obsession highlight in pop in my inner corners to make the inner corners stand up from the rest of the eye.
To clean the eyeshadow up I used my makeup remover on a piece of cotton wool and wiped an upwards line where i wanted the eyeshadow to stop creating the perfect shape. I added mascara. As always, I used the max factor masterpiece max mascara which creates great volume and separation of my lashes to finish off my eyes.

For face makeup, i kept it quite natural and didn't put much on. For concealer, to cover up any blemishes I had I actually used a tiny squirt of one of my favourite foundations at the moment: the max factor colour adapt foundation and placed it on my blemishes before blending it in with a damp beauty blender.
To add a bit of a flush and colour to my face I used a bit of my soap and glory love at first blush blusher on the apples of my cheeks. To finish I used my liz earle lipgloss in 08 mallow to give my lips a bit of shine and colour. 

That was the finished look!

And that's the end of my post today my lovelies, I hope you all enjoyed it and I'm back for good now! Leave some comments below what sort of posts you'd like to see from me next.
I love you all!


MAC VS Benefit!

Hey guys!

Recently I was looking through my makeup collection and realised i had a few items from both MAC and Benefit. Now both of these brands are high end so I don't have endless amounts but I remember always wanting to own some of their items when I was younger as these 2 brands were constantly raved about. Therefore, I thought I would dedicate a post to these brands and find out which brand I personally think is better.

First of all this doesn't change the product itself but can change people's opinions: MAC cosmetics test on animals but Benefit cosmetics does not. Personally even though I use MAC makeup still, it gives Benefit that extra edge over them.

With the packaging MAC tends to go with basic, posh looking black and silver packaging which makes the products look pricey and well respectable. On the other hand, Benefit tend to go with a more fun and colourful look for their packaging. Every release brings something new to the table and when their gift sets come out I just want to jump for joy as they come up with some of the coolest ideas!

Personally from the packaging and creativity alone benefit is the winner by far as MAC kind of just go with quite boring,sophisticated packaging.

For the products themselves, I own more benefit than MAC products but have a range of different products. 

With MAC I currently own three of their lipsticks in the shade creme in your coffee, creme cup and velvet teddy. I also have a eyeshadow duo in the shades honey lust and all that glitters. The only other MAC items i own is a sample of their water weight foundation and one of their cream colour bases in nude.

Personally I have mixed opinions on the MAC products I own. The cream colour base i feel has an overly sticky texture and is really hard to blend into the skin. I wouldn't really rate it high! The eyeshadows are fairly pigmented but aren't as good as I would have expected for the price and don't have very good colour payoff on skin. However saying that they have good staying power! With the lipsticks it is the other way around; they have great colour payoff but come off quite easily. I love the formula of the cremesheen lipsticks though! As with the water weight foundation sample I tried it is amazing! Everything about it from the formula to the shade and the coverage is just right and I love it!

With Benefit, I have a lot more of their products including a few little gift sets. I think Benefit are great with the face and brow end of the makeup scale but quite poor with the eyes and the lips part. I own one of their glosses and to be honest it's not very impressive I find it very greasy. On the other hand, saying that all of their face products are of an amazing quality and they come up with some of the coolest concepts. Some of their best products are the hoola bronzer, dandelion blush, the porefessional  and benetint.

In conclusion, personally I think Benefit cosmetics are better as a whole than MAC cosmetics. Don't get me wrong both brands are at the top end of what they do but Benefit just seems to be just that little bit better these days.

That's the end of my first comparison post I hope you enjoyed it and if you want some more posts like this leave some suggestions below.
I love you all!


My Everyday Spring Makeup Look

Hey guys!

Today I thought I would share with you all the makeup I'm currently using this season as it is now spring. I reach for these products most days as it's neutral but still gives me the look i want. Big thanks to Grace from the blog Grace Kate for giving me some photo advice as I am now so much happier with the look of my blog's photos. When you've finished reading this post, I recommend checking her blog out as she posts lots of interesting things!

This is what the finished look looks like. Now to show you how I achieved it!
To start with I used some face wipes to get rid of any excess makeup from the day before that may still be on my face before using my makeup revolution spray as a primer.

For foundation, I used the MAC waterweight foundation which I'm currently testing out after picking up a sample in my local store. This is the perfect coverage for everyday usage and it comes in so many shades, there's  one for everyone! I have the shade NW15 which is perfect for me and i just apply it all over my face with my fingers and blend it in with my real techniques stippling brush.

Now at the moment, my skin's actually not looking too bad in terms of blemishes so I haven't actually been using any concealer on top of the foundation as it is not needed. 

After that, I went onto bronzer and as always I'm still reaching for my trusty makeup revolution bronze shimmer highlight. This product always does my good and adds that extra bit of bronze to my skin. I love it!

Onto blush, I'm currently using an old favourite of mine that I forgot I had. It's the I heart makeup blushing hearts blusher in the shade candy queen of hearts. It gave the apples of my cheeks a nice, subtle, rosy glow.

Now for my favourite part. HIGHLIGHT!!! I recently purchased a new makeup obsession highlighter as I was so pleased with their highlights. The new shade is called lightning and I'm applying it to my cheekbones,cupids bow and nose. 

Onto eyes, I simply put the NYX roll on glitter in the shade nude all over my eyelids and patted it down with my seventeen eyeshadow brush. 

As always, I used the max factor masterpiece mascara and applied several coats to my top lashes only.

To finish the whole look off I used my favourite MAC lipstick in the shade velvet teddy and set all my makeup in place with the makeup revolution setting spray.
And we're done!

That's the end of my everyday spring makeup routine and I hope you all enjoyed it and leave some post ideas below.
I love you all!


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